Praying for the heat to break

This is day 10 of our heatwave. As one friend put it, being outside for any amount of time makes you just want to lie down! And I am going to ban outdoor concert tonight. I better sweat off some pounds tonight! But if my headache gets any worse, I’ll be going home instead of to an outdoor activities concert.


It’s a wonder my head hasn’t popped off!!

Barometric pressure 6/23 4PM through 6/26 3PM

Since my migraine headaches are mostly triggered by barometric pressure changes, this graph explains why I’ve felt kinda crappy for the last couple of days. Typically when the weather is stable (all hot or all cold), I’m okay. Typically you see pressure changes like this when there are storms blowing through. Ugh!

It’s just been horribly hot here lately.